Policy Information

Laurel Camp Policies

Financial Policies
A non-refundable 25% deposit is due when you register. The balance of your payment is due July 1st. Returned checks will result in a fee of $40.00. Last minute registration will be handled on a case-by-case basis. New Church ministers are exempt from payment, but payment will be needed for any spouse and children attending camp. You are welcome to ‘bump up’ a level to add a donation to Laurel.

All children and teens must sleep in their family’s cabin. If you are bringing children under 13, you must have two responsible adults to share in their supervision. Single adults are certainly welcome to come to Laurel with their children. A second responsible adult is needed to supervise your children while you are in groups. If you do not have a 2nd adult, the Registrar will communicate with you and help you find someone.

Additional Children, Teens, and Guests
If you are planning to bring anyone who is not part of your immediate family unit (friends, guests, young adult children, teens, and children), please have them fill out a separate registration form. Parents who send their children/ teens with someone else should understand this is a personal decision. The adult that brings the additional children/ teens have complete responsibility for them- including sick care, discipline, etc. Laurel does not arrange rides or find adults to accept responsibility for children/ teens who come to Laurel without their parents.

Young Adults and Driving

You must be 25 years or older to drive a 21 year old or under non-family member off camp.

Saturday Volunteer Worker
Setting up for Laurel Family Camp to start on Sunday takes many hours and people. You may choose to come on Saturday, but you MUST work to set up various areas of the camp. No meals or programming are provided on Saturday or Sunday morning. Laurel Family Camp officially opens on Sunday at 12pm and closes the following Saturday at 12pm.