Camp Job Descriptions

"True charity is the desire to be useful to others with no thought of recompense."
--Emanuel Swedenborg

Family Group Leader

This is a good one for campers who have come to Laurel before and already know some of the ropes. Lead an afternoon or evening sharing group. Provide support and structure for the group. Inform group members of assigned chore responsibilities. In-camp training and support is provided for this role.

Teen Group Leader

Teen Group Leader is similar to family group leader, without the chore aspect. You are also responsible for supervising all the teens assigned to you during group time.


Make sure the first aid kit is up to date. Add expired items to shoppers list or go out and buy the items yourself (you will be reimbursed). Attend to minor injuries with reassurance and love and know when a trip to the ER is necessary. Must have CPR certification.

Lay Lecturer

Give a lecture one morning on a spiritually enriching topic or a life experience relevant to the week’s theme. Then give a 15 minute recap for those leading children’s groups during Morning Program.

In-Camp Recruiter

Be the go to person for volunteering during camp. Find people to fill empty job position.

Fire Builder

Self explanatory! Keep the fire pit clear of debris and children.

Altar Decorator

Find neat stuff to decorate the altar. Flowers may not be picked in camp, so leave the camp if you wish to pick or purchase flowers. On Thursday afternoon, the altar is often rebuilt and redecorated for Holy Supper.


Night owls, please apply! At the appointed time (usually midnight), chase all campers out of the kitchen and dining hall and lock up for the night.

Camp Opening Helper

Arrive on Saturday to help set up before camp begins. Bring your own toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and food as amenities may be lacking. We need several people for this one to insure a smooth camp opening.

Silverware Washer

Before each meal, set out soap bins outside the kitchen door to collect silverware. After every meal, set up three stations: wash, rinse, and sanitize. Wash silverware.

Kitchen Laundry

Each day, take dirty kitchen cloths from under the sinks and wash them in the machine by the main bathrooms. Put clean clothes back under the sink in the appropriately labeled basket.

Drink Area Organizer

Refill orange jugs as needed; use a variety of water and juices. Empty overflow trays and wipe up spills. Tidy up drink area and restock paper products as needed.

Coffeepot Watcher

Check on coffee pots: each one must be full or unplugged (watch for empties left on). No more than two can brew at once without tripping the circuit breaker

Lecture Coffee

After Morning Worship, take one coffee pot and a tray of coffee accessories to set up the Rec Hall. Return these items to the Dining Hall after lectures are done.

Snack Coordinators

Morning Snack-Dir: During the kids morning program, set out a snack as directed by the Kitchen Manager.
Afternoon Snack-Dir: During the mid-afternoon, set out a snack as directed by the Kitchen Manager.
Evening Snack-Dir: (Afternoon group recommended.) During the evening kids groups, set out a snack as directed by the Kitchen Manager.

Holy Supper Bread Baker

During the afternoon on Wednesday or Thursday, make and bake unleavened bread for Holy Supper. The cook has the recipe.

Afternoon Buyer

Check with Kitchen Manager after lunch to see what supplies are on the shopping list for the day.
Purchase items in town. Work with Logistics Director for maps and directions. Turn over receipts to Treasurer for reimbursement.

Dumpster Runner

Empty kitchen and dining hall trash cans. Replace bags with new liners. Run full trash bags to the dumpster.


Place a box or trash bag near the entrance to the kitchen from the dining hall. Aluminum, tin, and glass can be recycled at the south end of the Walmart parking lot. (If you wish to recycle plastic, you will have to take it home in your car)

Morning Bell Ringer

Get yourself up before 7:00 am by any means necessary. Get the big bell from the kitchen and walk through each inhabited camp (within 10 yards of each cabin) ringing the bell to wake the sleepy-heads. Finish by 7:20am.

Kid Chore Director

Gather all children not participating in the praise team during chore time. Organize them for useful service, such as gathering litter in main camp, or gathering small sticks for fireplaces.


Fix simple things around camp as needed or requested. (Y-chromosome is not a prerequisite.)

Altar Builder

Recruit a merry band of muscles to find something to build into the altar on Sunday. Alter the altar as needed through the week, most likely Thursday afternoon. This job usually requires moving stones.

Vespers Set-Up

(Afternoon group recommended) Connect with vespers minister about the Rec Hall configuration needed. Fulfill his Rec Hall configuration wishes after dinner. Work with Altar Builder on Thursday afternoon.

Babysitting Connector

Work with parents to coordinate babies with sitters for vespers services. Check-in during the week to make sure assignments are working.


Greet campers as they arrive. Show them to the name tag station, give them a schedule/camp map if needed and show them their cabin assignment (circle on map if they are not sure which cabin is theirs).

Newcomer Orienteer

Match families new to Laurel with a “buddy” familiar with the workings of the camp (possibly yourself).

Craft Wizard

Try your best to keep the craft area tidy. Encourage older kids and adults to clean up after themselves and encourage artists to take their finished works back to their cabins. Move projects off the dining tables before meal times.

Lost & Found Watch

Keep an eye on the Lost & Found for valuable items (car keys, cell phones). Announce such finds after Morning Worship. Try to keep the Lost & Found area somewhat neat.

Talent Show Emcee

Keep a list of acts with you during the days leading up to the show. Order the show for maximum entertainment. If necessary, limit participants to one act..