Information about Laurel Camp Fees

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Camp Fee Calculator:

Laurel has a progressive, sliding-scale fee structure to accommodate families. We have instituted a cap in the fees keep it economical to bring your whole gang.

STEP 1: Calculate Your Payment Units

Calculate the number of payment units attending camp from your immediate family. (See more information below about registering people outside your immediate family.)

  • Each person age 13 and above = 1 Unit
  • Each person age 4-12 = Half Unit
  • Each person age 3 & under = Free

Age of child = age of child on August 31st.

camp fees.

Come to Laurel!
Scholarships available upon request. Also, please contact us if you want to help those in need to attend Laurel.


New Church ministers are exempt from payment, but payment will be needed for a spouse and any children attending camp. Please note that if you are able to pay at least the rate listed in the second column, we ask that you do so, as this second column reflects the actual cost to feed everyone and run camp. Of course donations in addition to tuition are always appreciated and a letter for tax purposes to acknowledge any donation beyond your tuition rate is available upon request.

Laurel is geared towards families, with a progressive rate structure to accommodate families. We love to introduce new people to Laurel, of course. Bringing guests, or your adult children, etc. is great, but you do not get a family-rate break for them.

You can register additional people (friends, guests, young adults, etc.) whom you do NOT claim as a dependent for tax purposes. However, we ask that each additional guest have a separate registration form  (separate forms for separate families). For the forms of those additional people, 'Family Income' is the income of the family/person that claims them as a dependent for tax purposes.

These rules are not meant to discourage people from coming; it's just that guests and your young adults that you don't support don't get the cut-rate that you get for additional family members whom you do support. We have progressive rates to allow families to afford to bring their own kids - and to allow everyone to pay their fair share.